Welsh Corgi Cardigan
Welsh Corgi Pembroke
"ISOLA DEI TESORI" is a home kennel format.
Puppies live with us in the house, constantly in contact with people, learning the basic rules of life in a society of people. At the same time, the kids are brought up in a pack, learning the laws and hierarchy that prevail among dogs. This is essential for the formation of appropriate attitudes in puppies toward people.
Puppies are best socialized up to the eighth week of life.

The main goal of our kennel is breeding mentally and physically healthy purebred dogs.
In the process of selecting a pair we pay great attention to the origin of the dogs, as well as compliance with the norms and requirements of the standard of Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI).

Our puppies are well cared for, nurtured from the very first days of their lives, and are encouraged to adopt normal behaviors. We care about the health of our dogs. Every puppy is necessarily vaccinated, treated against endo- and ectoparasites. We are in constant contact with the new owners of our puppies, many of them live in other countries.

We always help with a consultation, useful advice in questions of vaccinations, training, education. We sincerely rejoice in each new photo and video of our children.
Do you have any questions? Ask them to us!
+48 694 860 749

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