Welsh Corgi Cardigan
Welsh Corgi Pembroke
Character of the Welsh Corgi Cardigan
Compared to impulsive Pembrogs, Pembroke Welsh Corgi Cardigans are incredibly calm and composed.
At the same time they are active enough, but not hyper-energetic, sociable, but not imposing their company, compliant and obedient, but not to the detriment of their self-esteem.
Poise that borders on phlegmatic, a wonderful sense of humor, good naturedness - these are the main qualities that describe the character of the breed Welsh Corgi Cardigan. These cute short-legged dogs easily get along with people, they almost do not feel jealousy, anger. The only thing, compared to the Pembroke, the Cardigan is not very trusting towards strangers, in some cases, can even bark at them. Despite this in ordinary life properly bred sheepdogs rarely make noise, and usually do it only for good reasons.
The best friends for a dog - it's family, in which he lives, that's why the Welsh Corgi Cardigan is always happy to fool with kids, lie beside the owner on the sofa while watching a movie or run around the lake with him. In general, the Cardie is incredibly dependent on its owner, but this quality should not be attributed to a lack of intelligence. In fact, the Welsh Corgi Cardigans are observant, intelligent creatures, and yet, because the breed has worked with humans for centuries, they have almost lost the urge to be independent. But at the same time, these good- natured animals will never put themselves above their owners, they are not ambitious.
In spite of the fact, that the modern Welsh Corgi Cardigans have practically finished being shepherds, in some situations their ancestors' instincts still remain. For example, nowadays cardigans do not protect sheep and cows, but their owners and members of their families. It is especially evident in their relations with children. If a kid slightly deviated from the set path of movement, stepped over the line, which exists in the imagination of the dog, he gets light biting on the heels. If you look from the outside, it looks incredibly funny, but remember, while you film this little confrontation on the phone, amused and laughing, Welsh Corgi Cardigan assesses it as an encouragement, and therefore the next time will try to bite even harder and more often.
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