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Welsh Corgi Pembroke
Character of the Welsh Corgi Pembroke
Welsh Corgi Pembrokies are dogs who know how to genuinely enjoy every day. One might get the impression that such sweet, cheerful dogs are simply unaware of bad moods, discouragement, or moping.

Work, walks, games with the owner - it';s all a great pleasure for the corgi. Their optimistic gaze, perky, smiling face doesn't leave anyone indifferent.
Almost all the owners of dogs of the Welsh Corgi Pembroke breed assure that the character of these little sheepdogs is simply amazing.

Among the main features of this breed is an incredible friendliness towards people, a high level of intellectual development, as well as activity. In the case if the Pembroke Welsh Corgi can still show some aggression, wariness to other dogs, bark or growl at people - almost never. Originally Pembrogs were considered herding dogs. This occupation requires ability to work in a team, wit, and endurance. Many people are surprised by the activity of the Corgi, members of the breed love to have fun fooling around, frolic, run, despite its appearance, which is not quite disposed to such behavior. Being active does not hinder Corgi neither short legs, nor modest size.
Pembroke is a very social creature. These dogs do not just love their owner, they want to be with him all the time. No matter what you do, your four-legged friend will always be with you. The dogs of this breed have another curious character trait - they love to nudge their owner with their nose or touch him with their paws. The Welsh Corgi sits as close as possible and touches you gently at regular intervals, as if to suggest there's nothing more fun than hanging out with such an intelligent, fun-loving, attractive dog. Nevertheless, if she receives no response in return, the corgi knows (quite possibly not immediately) that she needs to wait some more. Afraid to miss the moment when his master is finally free, the pup will suffer from forgetfulness, loneliness, and boredom, nestled at your feet.
The Welsh Corgi is convinced that they need to be aware of everything going on around them.

This dog will choose a place to sleep in the aisle or in the middle of the room to be alert at all times.
The Pembroke is very friendly with children. Dogs are quick to engage in play and heroically tolerate any display of childish joy. No matter how sharply they are petted, hugged and poked, Corgi will never dare to show even a hint of annoyance to a child.

Thanks to herding work, the breed has developed another characteristic: fearlessness. If the ancestors of the Corgi fearlessly rushed into battle with wolves, your pet will certainly engage in battle, even if the enemy to a large extent exceeds his size.
Pembrokas are incredibly communicative, and they use barking and whining to express their emotions. Corgis are excellent singers (almost all of them). Overwhelmed by a positive attitude, they can make long and varied versions of original roulades. Vocally deprived, Corgis can express themselves through a wide variety of sounds: muttering, squealing, grunting, and grunting. They do this so clearly that the owner has no choice but to start communicating with their pet.

A Pembroke is difficult to distinguish from a large-sized dog by its barking. Welsh Corgis emit a loud bark on low notes, which has little correlation to their diminutive size.
Instinctively, these dogs require all living creatures around them to be in control, to act in an organized manner, to move exclusively in the right direction. Hence the property of Pembroke, especially puppies, to bite their owners' heels and feet from behind. In the absence of sheep or geese, your family members act as "wards", they will have to get along with such manifestations of the Corgi's character. It is very easy to wean a dog from such a habit, it requires persistence, perseverance and consistency.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is very fond of a good meal. This quality is inherent on a genetic level. Shepherding used to take a lot of energy, and to restore them you had to eat thick and much. Today's dogs do not have so many concerns, but the passion for food is still there, and thus Welsh Corgi never refused an extra portion, it is another matter that too much food in the absence of active movement has a negative impact on health and well-being of the animal, primarily on its spine.

With all the common characteristics of each dog has some individual traits. Some show hooligan qualities, some are more playful and some are more balanced.

No matter what kind of corgi you get, you can be sure that the Pembroke will certainly grow up to be very brave, intelligent, and will be a loyal friend to you!
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